If you have ever lost a lot of sleep because your baby was crying day and night for no reason, then you were probably dealing with colic.  There is not much evidence as to why they can not stop crying, but there is hope!  Chiropractic has a 94% effective rate with colic and a 100% happy rate with Moms who have had success with chiropractic care for their baby.  We have consistently heard that the night following the adjustment, the baby slept, well, like a baby.  No crying from either baby or Mother.

You can look it up on the web and find articles both for and against chiropractic for children and colic, but keep an open mind and give it a try.  It is safe, no dangerous antibiotics and over the counter drugs.  You decide!

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Ear infections happen when a little muscle in the ear closes up trapping fluid in the middle ear not allowing it to drain into the eustachian tube.  The fluid then becomes infected causing the pain and other symptoms.  Once again, there is a very high effective rate utilizing chiropractic care.  Typically we see very quick results, usually within a week.

Parents enjoy the fact that they do not have to endure another long visit to the doctor’s office, another failed antibiotic prescription and another day feeling helpless due to their child’s painful ears.

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